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Aventurine Healing Adjustable Bracelet
Aventurine Healing Adjustable Bracelet

Aventurine Healing Adjustable Bracelet

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AVENTURINE is a stone of opportunity that is believed to attract prosperity. Some advise to keep an aventurine in your left pocket when you are buying a lottery ticket or playing any game of chance. Green aventurine Is known its soothing energy to bring inner peace. Balance and harmony are more easily attained while anger, irritation and nervousness are reduced or eliminated by inner peace. It is also a stone of good luck and a heart chakra stone.

  • Unisex 7- 9 inch adjustable gemstone bracelet 
  • One size fits all
  • No metal, good for any type of skin
  • Natural stone (no dyed, no color enhanced, natural crystal/gemstone may include natural inclusion or small cracks)
  • The actual item may be slightly different from the image in color, pattern, or texture because the natural properties and composition of mined gemstones define the unique beauty of each piece